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March 27th, 2020

A Kid’s Perspective on COVID-19 with Nirvan Iyengar 

What’s it like being a kid during school closures?  In this edition of our COVID-19 Updates Series, Children at Risk CEO Dr. Bob Sanborn speaks with our special guest, 6-year-old Nirvan.  Join us as we discuss Nirvan’s excitement to go back to school, his training for a 500-hour triathlon, his love of Pokémon and Space-Jam, and his dislike for cricket, Yoga and mom-enforced naps.

March 26th, 2020

Tips for Parents transitioning to online learning with Colleen Dippel

Join us for a conversation with Founder and CEO of Families Empowered, Colleen Dippell, where she and Dr. Bob Sanborn answer all of your questions about the rapid transition to online learning, the additional stress this places on parents, as well as the importance of laughter and taking breaks.

For more information on Families Empowered, or advice on parenting during school closures, please visit or call their bilingual Spanish and English hotline at (713) 589-8767

March 25th, 2020

HOUSING & EVICTIONS with Dr. David McClendon 

Why should Texas care about housing during the COVID-19 crisis?  Children at Risk CEO Dr. Bob Sanborn and Dr. David McClendon with January Advisors answer your questions on the Federal and State moratorium for evictions, the intersection of the coronavirus and the affordable housing crisis, as well as the joy of bubble machines for children, parents, and pets alike.

January Advisors is a data science consulting firm that works with government agencies and non-profits.  To hear about more of January Advisors and work, go to or email Dr. McClendon directly at [email protected].

March 20th, 2020

K-12 Education with Dr. Jodi Moon

How are TX schools coping with #COVID19 closures? What students are most at-risk? And what do STAAR cancellations mean for school accountability? These answers and more from Dr. Jodi Moon. Dr. Moon the  Director of the Center for Social Measurement & Evaluation at CHILDREN AT RISK and leads the organization’s K-12 education efforts.

March 19th, 2020

Parenting & Public Charge with Yael Ross

What’s it like parenting during a pandemic? Guest Yael Ross joins Dr. Bob Sanborn to discuss the challenges parents face during this crisis, concerns for immigrant families, and what COVID-19 means for those concerned with Public Charge.

Ross is the Director of the Center of New American Children and Education at CHILDREN AT RISK, and loving mom to Leo and baby Max. 

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